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Typical pitch variation

Question: Can anyone provide me with some info on how much variation around a particular note is considered “normal”? The wave displays as being centered on the note that I’m attempting to sing (so that’s good), but the peaks and valleys stray from that line more than I would have predicted (edging on being both […]

S&S Pro

After using S&S student successfully for some time, I’ve recently upgraded to Pro – with the spectrograms – to help me further with vocal development (I am that dreaded beast – an amateur dramatic tenor). I’ve been needing help with getting reliable singers’ formants, and also with getting a purer tone, free of “rough edges”. […]

Two mice

I use S&S on a secondary monitor, set up at some distance from my main desktop. To save going back to the desktop every time I want to play a note or alter things on the S&S screen, I just plugged in an extra USB mouse, and put it near the S&S screen. To my […]

Features of the Student Version?

Can the standard version record and playback or is that feature only available in the teaching version? Charles Butka

Using Templates for practising melodies

I will describe one method for creating and using Templates of melodies for Sing and See Pro. The details are specific to Version 1.5.1 and may or may not apply to future versions. It is noted that this method may be pertinent to the “pre-service generalist elementary classroom teachers” item on this site. I also […]