Technical Issues

Q&A about the software itself – the software and connecting up your microphone

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Windows 10 requires MIDI Synth

Update – we now have a new version of Sing & See that doesn’t have the MIDI opening problem on Windows 10. On the Sing&See menu go to “Help” and then “Check for updates” to download the updated version for your system. Update 2 – one person still had problems – it appears that some […]

Reinstalling Sing&See

Question I upgraded my computer and need to reinstall Sing and See. As I was trying to activate I received a message that I have already activated it. Please help. Kristen Answer The Sing&See registration system tracks when the software is installed. Upgrading your computer may mean that the system determines that the software is […]

Noise reduction button no longer available

Question: Some years ago I bought a professional version of Sing and See which has proved very useful in my private voice teaching. Reading through the manual recently I noticed a reference to noise reduction using a ‘filter’ button. This button is nowhere on my toolbar. How do I access this button – since it’s in […]

Pasting in the registration code on the Mac version

Even though you can’t use “command+v” for paste within the Mac version of Sing & See (a technical limitation of the Wine system we use), you CAN paste, by using “control-v” or right-click in the entry box.

Using Sing & See with Professional Audio Interface (ASIO)

A few people have reported trouble getting Sing & See working with their professional-grade audio interfaces. Generally these require some configuration options to enable Sing & See to connect. The underlying issue with all these products is that they don’t use the standard “Windows” audio system but a specialized audio standard that is specialized for […]

Can I restore Sing & See after reformatting my computer?

Greetings! I purchased your software on 08/06/11 And loved it. I recently formated my machine and no longer have it, where or how can I download it again? Thanks in advance. Jesus

Can I use an external Keyboard?

Is there anyway to access the piano sounds in your software using a USB keyboard controller? I have a M-Audio 49 key USB keyboard controller, and would like to use it during my teaching sessions. Thank You. Christie Wersen

Question about jagged pitch trace

Hi there, Having a problem with a trial version of Sing & See. I like the software, and would like to buy, if I can get this problem sorted out… The attached screenshot shows the problem. Here I am merely pushing a digital piano key, and recording the sound through a microphone. Any notes below […]

What do I do if I upgrade my computer?

I am enjoying using my Sing & See program on my computer. I purchased the professional version. I have a question, because I downloaded it I don’t have a restore disk. What will happen when my computer dies with the program on it? Am I legally, or can I at all download the program onto […]

Problem on Windows 7

I’ve been using Sing and See for a year… It just stopped working a couple of days ago… it simply will NOT start when I launch it… I’ve tried uninstalling and re-installing it, to no avail… I’m on Windows 7… I tried switching the compatibility to several operating systems, still no success… What could be […]