Can Sing & See help with singer confidence?

“I can’t sing!” The concept of teacher confidence in singing and the use within their classroom
by Lyndell Heyning
International Journal of Education & the Arts , Volume 12 Number 13

“When teachers become more confident and competent in relation to singing, then they are more likely to use singing and to use it successfully. Teachers are expected to gain such skills in pre-service teacher education, to enhance their capability in teaching music, so that singing can be utilised and supported in schools. Confidence is definitely something that contributes to our performance in all aspects of our life. However, when we are not confident in those skills, we do not perform as well as we should, generally resulting in avoidance of that skill or activity. When it became apparent, at the end of an Australian University Teacher Education music education elective, that some primary teacher education students could not hold a tune by themselves, or felt confident to sing on their own, a strategy was developed to raise the solo singing standards and perception of confidence level of the next cohort of students. This paper reports on a pilot program aimed at improving the in-tune singing skills and confidence of a class of teacher education students with the aim of increasing the likelihood they will later include singing in their future music programs.”

Could Sing & See help in giving people confidence in their singing?

pre-service generalist elementary classroom teachers

I would love to collaborate with anyone who teaches pre-service generalist elementary teachers related to this research article:

“I Can’t Sing!” The Concept of Teacher Confidence in Singing
and the Use within their Classroom


I would love to find some Sing and See activities, videos, lessons, folk-music-based, pitch matching, beginner tutorials that are educational focused similar to this entertainment version:

The paramaters are too narrow and the feedback is too discouraging for non-singers to get supportive remedial help.

This needs some slow, simple folks songs that would let a remedial singer have time to adjust their voice to match pitch.

Is there a grad student out there who could take on some project like this?

By: Janna Kisner