Privacy Policy

At Sing & See we respect your right to privacy and do all that we can to maintain the privacy of any information you send us. This Privacy Policy describes how we collect, use, and share information related to your use of our website and application.

If you have questions about our privacy policy you can contact us at


Information relating to your use of our website

1. Cookies

In common with most other websites, we use cookies and similar technologies to help us understand how people use our website. These cookies include website analytics (including 3rd party cookies from Google Analytics and other providers of analytic services) that help us understand how people navigate through our website; referral cookies that help us to understand where website visitors are coming from when they visit our website; and session status cookies that help us to keep track of your actions such as purchase items and account login status.

Third party cookies are also utilised by the Facebook and Google+ "Like" buttons embedded on each page. These cookies may transmit your use of our website to the relevant 3rd party network. Whether or not you are logged in to the Facebook or Google network, your status will not be visible to our web servers.

You may turn off cookies within your web browser's settings panel. Please refer to the documentation for your web browser on how to do this. Turning off cookies may affect the operation of some parts of this website. Please contact us if you have any questions.

2. Log files

The website software automatically gathers and stores information about your visit in log files. This information may include your internet address, time of visit, actions performed, pages that you visit on our website, browser type, operating system, and referring website. These log files may be archived to assist with diagnostic or fraud prevention actions.

If you interact with our website by filling in any forms (e.g. feedback forms, comment forms) or e-commerce actions then these actions will also be logged and identified by your internet address and time. Any information you enter will also be recorded.

3. Purchase Information

When you purchase a license for Sing & See we collect and store your name, email address, the product versions purchased and the price paid, the method by which you paid, and information relating to your payment. Note that your actual financial information (e.g. credit card or paypal details) is handled directly by our 3rd-party payment processor (Payment Express or Paypal). We are provided summary information by the payment processor when they confirm successful payment, and continue to have access to this information via their account management system. The summary information that they provide us includes: (Payment Express) your card type, card name, partial number, and expiry date; (Paypal) your name, address, and email.

When you make enquiries, purchase, or register your software with us, we maintain records of your interactions with us. These are kept securely, and will not be divulged to anyone else except as provided for by law.

We will occasionally email notices of new upgrades to our software to people who have purchased software from us or others who have expressed an interest in finding out about our products. However, if you no longer wish to receive such notices, you can request to be removed from our mailing lists by replying to any such communication, or by emailing us directly at

We will not divulge, sell, or rent out your email address or other information that you provide.