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Helping a rank amateur

I’m 72 and took up singing by joining a local Barbershop Chorus a little over a year ago with no experience or training.  (Something to do in retirement!) Being a long time techie guy, I loaded myself down with all the appropriate tech tools I could find in despartion.  Sing & See was one of those.  Progress has been slow, but they haven’t kicked me out yet, so I guess that means something.  Anyway, I have found that Sing & See is the program I use most frequently – usually in conjuction with other programs.  It’s the only one I have found that is able to record my efforts visually with any degree of usefulness. It has helped me to at least be acceptible.  Pavarotti need not rise from the grave to defend his status, but Tiny Tim definity would. While there are some improvements I would like to see, it is worth the $. I know it seems relatively expensive, but I’m of the old school – you get what you pay for. I have no complaints on that score (pun intended).
By: Bill Nott

Técnica vocal com so SING&SEE

Meu nome é Rodinei A. Galvao, sou brasileiro nascido em Bom Repouso no estado de Minas Gerais. Começei a aprender o canto com um maestro e agora estou estudando violão e teclado. O SING&SEE me ajuda muito a definir os tons corretos no canto pois nas aulas de violão utiizamos  o canto como auxilio para aprender a correta troca de acordes no violão e o Software me auxilia a colocar a voz no tom correto da música. As músicas principais são as serteneja e MPB.

Recomendo a todos a utilização do software para melhoria e conhecimento do seu tom vocal.


Rodinei Aparecido Galvao – Brasileiro, estudande de Matemática e Filosofia e amante da música ( Canto, violão e Teclado )


[An Indian flute player] Quite an interesting product

I am a classical bansuri (Indian bamboo flute) player from India. I had bought this product couple of years ago after much thought and interaction with William and have been quite happy with its performance. It helps me at least know about the modulation level in my flute and sometimes I also use it for training my vocal cords. I am quite happy to use it and hope the continuous product improvement will increase ones ability to learn music in a much better way. I think it can have applications in speech therapy, leadership training (as voice is an important factor for leaders, watch The King’s Speech). It could help people who have stammering problem and are afraid to speak on the stage. I wish William a great luck and best wishes from the land of The Buddha! I will pray for his success.

Siddhartha Priya, Alumnus – IIT Kharagpur (B. Tech.), IIM Ahmedabad (MBA), ESSEC (France), Solvay (Belgium)

By: Siddhartha Priya

Using Sing&See in Harmonica Playing

Singandsee is not just for singers! It is the perfect for harmonica players as well!

Without getting to involved in the technical aspects of harmonica playing (yes it can be quite technical) most harmonicas are 10 hole diatonic instruments – seven pitches. However, to play Blues requires ‘bending’ (altering the pitch) of notes and, for a beginner, this can be a real challenge but with Singandsee you can practice (and practice and practice) and see when you have it just right – not to mention playing it back and listening to the ‘cool blues’ that you are playing!!!

But wait there’s more; a diatonic harmonica can be played as a chromatic instrument as well (this is very advanced). Chromatic meaning 12 pitches each a semi apart – this requires advanced techniques, and a lots of practice. Once again with the Singandsee you can see the notes on screen and, equally important, use the playback for aural training and confirming when you have the scale and/or song just right.

Gold Coast

Every flaw stands out –

Sing and See is great! You can SEE and hear every flaw, The beauty is that you can see everything and you have a means of feedback so you can correct what you hear. Example, If I let too much air go, I can see it, as the wavering around the note begins, same with supporting notes in the higher register.  I can then add additional breath support or correct as necesssary.  Fortunatley I don’t have a problem staying on key. You can also see any glotal shock – and through feedback, soften accordingly.  Everything you do – right or wrong stands out to be analyzed and corrected. I love it!  Its like bringing your singing coach home with you Laughing



By: Cindy Klenk

The staff at Sing & See are phenomenal!

The staff at Sing & See are phenomenal. I was more than pleasantly surprised at the personal and quick response I received regarding the questions I had about the program. It is refreshing to know that there is a real person at the other end of your e-mail who cares about your concern. I give them five stars for great customer service.


This program is a great help when you have pitching problems

This program is a great help when you have pitching problems. It hasn’t yet made me a great singer, but that is not the fault of the program. I have some minor speech difficulties and have now found that I possibly need an operation, but I’m sure the program will help more if you don’t have any problems in this area!

Best of all is the customer service. My installation of the software mysteriously stopped loading and my email requests for assistance were quickly and professionally dealt with. He was even willing to remotely access my PC, but in the end this was not necessary as he found that it was a routine Vista upgrade that was causing the problem. He talked me through changing the settings on the Sing & See program to get it working again. Very pleased with product and service!

by Gareth