Every flaw stands out –

Sing and See is great! You can SEE and hear every flaw, The beauty is that you can see everything and you have a means of feedback so you can correct what you hear. Example, If I let too much air go, I can see it, as the wavering around the note begins, same with supporting notes in the higher register.  I can then add additional breath support or correct as necesssary.  Fortunatley I don’t have a problem staying on key. You can also see any glotal shock – and through feedback, soften accordingly.  Everything you do – right or wrong stands out to be analyzed and corrected. I love it!  Its like bringing your singing coach home with you Laughing



By: Cindy Klenk

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  1. These testimonials are very helpful. I’m a vocal teacher and I’m now seriously considering buying this tool. Awesome!

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