Community Overview

Join the community of people using Sing & See

In this community section of the website, we want to encourage people to share how they are using Sing & See, and to learn from others who are also using the software in their teaching and learning.  Anyone can post a story, and provide comments and suggestions relating to other stories.  Videos are welcome (e.g. linked from Youtube or similar).  At present new posts and comments are moderated to filter out any spam.

We have set up a few categories to help sort out the stories according to interest – ranging from teaching (individual students or classroom teaching), singing training (for beginners or  advanced singers), and barbershop singing, through to using the software in speech therapy or for accent training.  If there doesn’t seem to be a category for your story, just let us know and we will set up a new one.

There is a whole separate category for suggestions or questions about how to use Sing & See in particular situations. If you are having any problems, or just want to ask for advice, please post your question here. And if you have any suggestions or advice, please provide some help!