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Stories from Singers – whether beginners, advanced students, or professional singers – using Sing & See to improve their voices

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Using Sing & See to help improve pitching

This is a demo of how I use Sing&See in practice to help me work on a pitch problem.

Here, after a piano cue, I am singing a fifth interval, from A3 to E4 (actually the second two notes in the song “Edelweiss”), and the problem I have is that I sing them flat. To me, at the time, they sound in tune, but if I listen to the audio I don’t like what I hear.

The trace clearly shows that I was singing about a quarter-tone flat. Read the rest of this entry »

Sight Singing

I’m an aspiring composer, and I use Sing & See primarily to work on my
intonation for sight singing exercises. When I originally purchased the product,
I was taking classical voice lessons, and I had hoped to use the spectrograph
feature to help iron out problems with my technique. A few years ago, however, I
decided to focus more on my composing.

When first doing a sight-singing exercise, I use the Record feature in Sing & See so
I can go back and check my work (I don’t look at the graph while I’m singing the
exercise for the first time, but I do when practicing it afterwards.) It’s not
too cumbersome, but if exercises were included with Sing & See, it would be
great if it could display the correct pitch curve for the exercise and compare
the one the user sings as an overlay, highlighting any deviation from the
correct answer. Then it might be apparent to the user that “fa” is a problem
interval or the minor third “me,” etc, after the user notices that it keeps
coming up as being sung with poor intonation.


This program is a great help when you have pitching problems

This program is a great help when you have pitching problems. It hasn’t yet made me a great singer, but that is not the fault of the program. I have some minor speech difficulties and have now found that I possibly need an operation, but I’m sure the program will help more if you don’t have any problems in this area!

Best of all is the customer service. My installation of the software mysteriously stopped loading and my email requests for assistance were quickly and professionally dealt with. He was even willing to remotely access my PC, but in the end this was not necessary as he found that it was a routine Vista upgrade that was causing the problem. He talked me through changing the settings on the Sing & See program to get it working again. Very pleased with product and service!

by Gareth

Feritta – Professional recording artist

Hi Everyone

My name is a Feritta. I’m a professional recording artist and two time winner of Best Female Solo Artist Australia in the International Music Aid Awards.

Sing&See has been a very helpful tool in assisting my vocal technique and development.

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Rick – Amateur singer

Having been involved in music since a youth, singing in many choirs, I found that neglect and misuse can have a major effect on my vocal skills. So it was with me.

Sure, I have sung in church choirs, but that was about it for the past 20 or so years. I recently accepted a job in Utah and one of the first things that a friend jokingly told me was that I should audition for the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. I accepted their challenge and started the process. For those unfamiliar with the process, basically it is in 3 parts: you send in a CD with you singing a hymn and some vocalises. Next part if you make the first is to take a 3 hour written and auditory musical skills exam. And if you do well, the final phase is a face to face audition with the conductor, associate conductor and a few other folks. Where you sing a hymn and sight read in front of them!

I made it all the way to the third phase where I failed miserably. After that experience, I vowed to improve myself. I am now taking voice lessons (at age 52 by the way), and found the Sing and See software. How I wished I found this earlier.

Using the software and playing back, both visually and hearing myself, I found areas that I can improve. I love how the spectrograph shows you your voice and the areas that you need to work on.

I am more confident that the next round of auditions, I will be improved in those weak areas where I was not really aware until I purchased Sing and See.

Thanks for a great product!

By: Rick Graham

Jessie West – singer / songwriter

I purchased Sing & See online, in a panic, the very evening I was making my debut performance as one half of a duet at a local open mike. My friend and I had signed up for this well-attended venue weeks in advance, and I had been singing “Bye, Bye Love” over and over, many times a day — singing along with both The Everly Brothers and Simon and Garfunkle recordings, since we were undecided about which version we wanted to use.

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