Sight Singing

I’m an aspiring composer, and I use Sing & See primarily to work on my
intonation for sight singing exercises. When I originally purchased the product,
I was taking classical voice lessons, and I had hoped to use the spectrograph
feature to help iron out problems with my technique. A few years ago, however, I
decided to focus more on my composing.

When first doing a sight-singing exercise, I use the Record feature in Sing & See so
I can go back and check my work (I don’t look at the graph while I’m singing the
exercise for the first time, but I do when practicing it afterwards.) It’s not
too cumbersome, but if exercises were included with Sing & See, it would be
great if it could display the correct pitch curve for the exercise and compare
the one the user sings as an overlay, highlighting any deviation from the
correct answer. Then it might be apparent to the user that “fa” is a problem
interval or the minor third “me,” etc, after the user notices that it keeps
coming up as being sung with poor intonation.


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