How SING&SEE can benefit your Teaching

SING&SEE is designed to complement your individual teaching style. It is not prescriptive, but provides a variety of feedback displays that you can use to focus on particular aspects of your students' voices as you choose. Some of the benefits that SING&SEE can bring to your teaching practice are described below.

Enhance feedback
SING&SEE gives information about a student's voice that complements the feedback you provide yourself.
Facilitate self-directed learning
By providing students with accurate information on their vocal efforts, SING&SEE enables you to set self-directed learning tasks for your students to follow.
Provide a more compelling environment
Let's face it, many younger students live in a world of computer games and technological gadgetry. SING&SEE gives your studio "advanced technology" that can help to attract and maintain the interest of students in this age group.
Improve skill learning
Research on using visual feedback in singing training has shown that it can significantly improve singing skills such as pitch ability.
Increase your students' understanding of their voices
The displays in SING&SEE - particularly the spectrogram - allow your advanced students to gain a greater understanding of how their voice is created, thus helping them to fine tune their instrument.

Demonstration of using SING&SEE in a singing lesson: