The Teacher's Manual

How to Sing and See: Singing Pedagogy in the Digital Era

By Jean Callaghan and Pat Wilson

How to Sing and See is written by singing teachers for singing teachers and advanced students of singing. It is the product of the professional know-how and systematic investigation of the Callaghan-Wilson team. The authors have been teaching singing for many years in a range of classical and contemporary genres, both within tertiary training institutions and in private practice. The manual explains how the Sing & See visual feedback software can be used to enhance singing training in all styles and genres, so that singing students can progress steadily through a graded program of integrated vocal and musical development. Seeing is believing!

Specially designed for teachers and advanced students using Sing & See, How to Sing and See is a comprehensive guide to using Sing & See in ways that will foster both vocal and musical development. It includes explanation of the on-screen visual displays, a discussion of vocal questions that need to be considered in the individual application of the software, and over 200 exercises. The exercises cover intervals, triads and a comprehensive range of scales and modes used in a range of vocal musics. A page is devoted to each exercise, with the same layout, giving musical notation of the exercise, a brief explanation of its purpose, a reproduction of the target display and instructions on how to achieve it. The manual begins with the most basic singing task and builds from there, so you can choose exercises to build a graded vocal and musical developmental program, or to answer specific needs of individual students, or to construct a personalised practice regimen.

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Printable assessment sheets for each exercise in the book are available for download here.

The Authors

Dr Jean Callaghan is a freelance teacher, researcher, and consultant in vocal performance and pedagogy. For the University of Western Sydney she designed and delivered Australia’s first full postgraduate qualification in singing pedagogy. She has worked as a professional singer in Australia, England and Germany and has taken leadership roles in the Australian National Association of Teachers of Singing, the Australian Voice Association, and the Australian Association for Research in Music Education. Her book, Singing and Voice Science,explores modern voice science and scientific findings in the context of the musical concerns of the singer.


Pat Wilson has worked for over 25 years as a singer, pianist, musical director, composer and teacher. She is currently undertaking voice research at the University of Sydney. She also teaches at tertiary drama training institutions, as well as maintaining a singing studio in her specialist field of music theatre performance. She has been an office-bearer at both the state and federal levels of the Australian National Association of Teachers of Singing. Her book The Singing Voice: An Owner's Manual, jointly published in Australia and the UK, is in its second edition.