Daniel Kay – Djarts Voice Studio, Brisbane

Djarts Voice Studios are based in Brisbane Queensland. As a progressive contemporary studio we pride ourselves on delivering effective up-to-date vocal pedagogy in a manner fit for our excellent clientele. We have taken every opportunity to ensure the learning experience is productive. Our engagement of the ‘Sing and See’ vocal analysis software is just one example of how we are continually looking for ways to enhance the lesson time.

“We’ve been using Sing & See with great success in the Djarts Studios for over two years. Sing and See really comes into its own when working with clients who are having trouble with intonation (pitch recognition). The visual representation on screen enables a client to make a better connection of the BodyMind. This in turn increases confidence which ultimately leads to better intonation. Some of our clients who begin with poor intonation develop, through the use of Sing and See, to hold consistent pitch. Of course pitch recognition is not the only support that Sing and See provides our clients…but even if it were it would be worth every penny

Daniel Kay – Djarts Principal Voice Coach”

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