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Typical pitch variation

Question: Can anyone provide me with some info on how much variation around a particular note is considered “normal”?

The wave displays as being centered on the note that I’m attempting to sing (so that’s good), but the peaks and valleys stray from that line more than I would have predicted (edging on being both flat and sharp). I’m wondering if this is typical.
Thanks guys


Using Sing & See to help improve pitching

This is a demo of how I use Sing&See in practice to help me work on a pitch problem.

Here, after a piano cue, I am singing a fifth interval, from A3 to E4 (actually the second two notes in the song “Edelweiss”), and the problem I have is that I sing them flat. To me, at the time, they sound in tune, but if I listen to the audio I don’t like what I hear.

The trace clearly shows that I was singing about a quarter-tone flat. Read the rest of this entry »

Using Sing & See in Barbershop

As I’m sure you know, the barbershop style of music, and especially the “ringing” of chords, demands that each member of the quartet be on the same pitch and have the same vowel sound.

I use Sing and See to check my pitch on songs while practicing my part alone, especially on those songs where I have a bass pickup notes, to ensure that I am exactly on pitch. The visual feedback helps tremendously in establishing the correct pitches into my brain muscle memory, much more so than trying to match a pitch pipe.

I also use the spectrogram to check the vowel matching of the quartet. We can easily see when the chord is ringing by the explosion of color all the way up the spectrum.

Thanks for a great product and look forward to continue to using it to help our quartet.

Walt Lammert

This program is a great help when you have pitching problems

This program is a great help when you have pitching problems. It hasn’t yet made me a great singer, but that is not the fault of the program. I have some minor speech difficulties and have now found that I possibly need an operation, but I’m sure the program will help more if you don’t have any problems in this area!

Best of all is the customer service. My installation of the software mysteriously stopped loading and my email requests for assistance were quickly and professionally dealt with. He was even willing to remotely access my PC, but in the end this was not necessary as he found that it was a routine Vista upgrade that was causing the problem. He talked me through changing the settings on the Sing & See program to get it working again. Very pleased with product and service!

by Gareth

Jessie West – singer / songwriter

I purchased Sing & See online, in a panic, the very evening I was making my debut performance as one half of a duet at a local open mike. My friend and I had signed up for this well-attended venue weeks in advance, and I had been singing “Bye, Bye Love” over and over, many times a day — singing along with both The Everly Brothers and Simon and Garfunkle recordings, since we were undecided about which version we wanted to use.

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