Typical pitch variation

Question: Can anyone provide me with some info on how much variation around a particular note is considered “normal”?

The wave displays as being centered on the note that I’m attempting to sing (so that’s good), but the peaks and valleys stray from that line more than I would have predicted (edging on being both flat and sharp). I’m wondering if this is typical.
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  1. admin said:

    Pitch variation while singing a note can be from several causes.
    – Vibrato – a regular smooth vibration around the pitch, generally about 6 cycles per second, and extending from about 1/2 semitone up to 1 or 2 semitones on either side.
    – Roughness – a ragged variation in pitch, which could be up to 1/2 semitone or so. This generally indicates an issue with breath control, or it could be a problem with the vocal folds causing them to vibrate roughly.
    – Noise – usually sporadic deviations in the pitch line. If there is some background noise (or music or other voice) the pitch algorithm can occasionally make an error in detecting the precise pitch. Check that you have a reasonably good quality microphone, and reduce other noise.

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