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Problem updating to Yosemite


>> I just installed Yosemite OS X on my Macbook Pro and can’t open Sing and See.


When upgrading to Mac OS X 10.10 (Yosemite) it is necessary to reinstall XQuartz. Download the latest installer from and install. You may need to log out and log in again.


Pasting in the registration code on the Mac version

Several people have reported issues with entering the registration code on the Mac version of Sing & See. The problem is that you can’t use “command+v” as the usual short-cut for Paste (this is a technical limitation of the Wine package that we used to produce the Mac version of Sing & See).

However, it is still possible to use copy and paste, even though you can’t use “command+v” for paste in the application. You can use “control+v”, which is the old Windows equivalent, and which does work in Sing & See (as an aside, most of the usual Windows short cuts work in the Wine version of Sing & See).

Alternatively, you can “right-click” with the mouse inside the entry box to get the paste popup menu (to do “right-click on a single-button mouse, you control+click, or on a multi-touch trackpad you can tap with two fingers or in the bottom corner depending on your trackpad configuration).

Problem with Crossover

    I have been unable to use Sing and See for a while. I’ve tried reinstalling Crossover but it just starts then crashes.

Mac Version – font problem

When I start up Sing and See on my Mac all I see where there should be ASCII characters are small squares and rectangles. This is also true where the notes are displayed.

What’s up? I’m running MAC 10.6.8 operating system.

Sing & See Version 1.4.9