5 comments on “Features of the Student Version?

  1. admin said:

    Hi Charles,
    Yes all versions of the software can record and playback – in fact that’s a key aspect of the program – it allows you to see your voice as you’re singing, and also as you listen to yourself singing! Listening to yourself (and getting the visual reinforcement of whether you are singing correctly) is an important part of the training process…

  2. Steven Kozlowski said:

    Can you play a recording and store the pattern so you can then try to match it when you sing with the program?

    Is this feature available in the student version?


    • admin said:

      Hi Steven,
      The Template feature is only available in the Professional Version at present. There is some description of how to create and use templates here and here

  3. Dennis Hegland said:

    Can you upgrade the student version if you find you want the features of the professional version? Is there a trial edition?

    • admin said:

      Hi Dennis – yes you can upgrade at a reduced price by entering in your Product Key on the order page (www.singandsee.com/upgrade).

      Update: We’ve now also added a trial edition of the software – see the links in the footer below.

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