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Question about jagged pitch trace

Hi there,

Having a problem with a trial version of Sing & See. I like the software, and would like to buy, if I can get this problem sorted out…

The attached screenshot shows the problem.

Sing and See jagged pitch trace
Here I am merely pushing a digital piano key, and recording the sound through a microphone.
Any notes below D3, are accompanied by this random, jagged ‘drop-dron’ in the waveform.

This occurs whether I use a piano, my voice, or an acoustic guitar (so not the instrument)
It also occurs whether I use an external microphone with focusrite soundcard, or just using my pcs internal microphone.

Any suggestions for a fix?

Warm Regards,


pre-service generalist elementary classroom teachers

I would love to collaborate with anyone who teaches pre-service generalist elementary teachers related to this research article:

“I Can’t Sing!” The Concept of Teacher Confidence in Singing
and the Use within their Classroom


I would love to find some Sing and See activities, videos, lessons, folk-music-based, pitch matching, beginner tutorials that are educational focused similar to this entertainment version:

The paramaters are too narrow and the feedback is too discouraging for non-singers to get supportive remedial help.

This needs some slow, simple folks songs that would let a remedial singer have time to adjust their voice to match pitch.

Is there a grad student out there who could take on some project like this?

By: Janna Kisner