Cross instrument success at the Elder Conservatorium

I used to use Sing and See sporadically in the teaching of Mixed Belt to both Classical students and the Jazz students in workshops. The spectrogram shows clearly the shift of energy to the upper partials in Mixed Belt. It has also been very useful in language classes when working with vowels.

Recently I have been been using the pitch trace frequently during one to one voice lessons.

The biggest recent success has been an Honours Flute player who was not reaching the desired standard because of out of tune playing. I suggested she do her Minor Recital in Voice. I have used the pitch trace extensively with this girl, training her to hear the notes BEFORE she goes near the onset. This has been very successful with her singing, but most exciting was that she has just won the local Flute Eisteddfod against very good competition.

I have set up a practice room with the program for the singers, but it is also beeing used extensively by the string players who want to see where their vibrato is actually sitting.

Patrick Power,Elder Conservatorium of Music.Adelaide

By: Patrick Power O.N.Z.M.

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