Problem on Windows 7

I’ve been using Sing and See for a year… It just stopped working a couple of days ago… it simply will NOT start when I launch it…

I’ve tried uninstalling and re-installing it, to no avail…

I’m on Windows 7… I tried switching the compatibility to several operating systems, still no success…

What could be the problem, the program is not even starting…


The error message that I get when I try to start the Sing & See program is “Sing & See has stopped working”.

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  1. admin said:

    Most likely, this is a problem with the “Data Execution Prevention” settings on Windows 7 (it can also be an issue on Windows Vista). Most computers are fine, but sometimes the security settings are changed so that Windows prevents programs from running that have some of their code in “Data”. You will need to change the settings in order to get Sing & See to run on your computer. The page has full details

    (for Vista, the instructions – slightly different – are at the page

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