Resources for people learning to sing

This page contains a selection of resources for people learning to sing (most of the links go through to that complement the Sing & See software. There are other resources listed in the Teacher section here.

Finding a teacher

We always recommend that Sing & See be used in conjunction with training from a qualified singing teacher, because there are many factors that can affect your singing voice. Sing & See can however be used either as a tool during the lessons to "see your voice", or as an aid in practising, in order to gain confidence in hitting the targets (eg pitching exercises) that the teacher sets. In this way, it can help in improving your confidence that you ARE achieving vocal targets such as pitch accuracy and spectral harmonic balance.

There are lists of teachers available on websites such as (USA), ANATS (Australia), AOTOS (UK), or the web Directory

Self study - Videos, CDs, and books

Sing & See can be used in a program of self-directed study, as a tool to give you direct feedback on your voice - for instance it can help in showing you how accurately you are pitching notes, and give you confidence in your practising. However, Sing & See only shows you WHAT you are singing - it does not include advice on HOW you should sing. We therefore recommend that you use Sing & See as a complementary tool to one of the courses listed below. It can let you SEE how your voice is improving, and give you confidence that you are achieving better pitch accuracy - something that is not always easy to hear yourself when you are learning to sing.

On the Expert Village website there are quite a few videos from singing teachers that can help you with different techniques - for a start, try out Mark Black's Voice Lessons: Learn to Sing Better or Cass Naumann's Vocal Exercises to Improve your Singing Ability

Brett Manning's Singing Success is a comprehensive self-directed course in learning to sing or improving your singing voice. The course includes 12 CDs taking you through 17 lessons to help you work on your voice. This is a course that will quite naturally complement your use of Sing & See - it provides you with a good program of lessons to work through, and Sing & See gives you direct assessment of your vocal skills and feedback to help guide your progress through the course.

12 CD self-directed singing course - from Singing Success Inc

Singing for the Stars book and CDs, from

Another well-known singing course is Seth Rigg's "Singing for the Stars", which comprises a manual and two CDs of exercises. Seth Riggs teaches a method he calls "speech level singing", and has taught many singers including Michael Jackson, Natalie Cole, Sinead O'Connor and many others.

Jeffrey Allen's "Secrets of Singing" is a step-by-step guide to voice training, aimed at helping you gain technical mastery over your voice. For female singers, there is a special version Secrets of Singing Female Voice which has vocal exercises specifically tailored for the female vocal range. Both editions include an audio CD containing vocal exercises.

Step-by-step voice training guide, from

Other books on Singing Training (

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