Sing & See™ is designed to meet the needs of singers and teachers working in all vocal styles and genres. It gives an almost instant visual representation of the singing voice, allowing singers to see the shape of their voice while they sing, and then to listen to it being replayed - again seeing it directly on the screen.

This guide is designed to introduce you to Cantovation Sing & See™, and to describe its operation. It contains only a little pedagogical advice, since we recommend that Sing & See always be used in association with a professional singing teacher.

Graded sets of exercises for a variety of voice types and training requirements are provided in our Teachers' Manual How to Sing and See : Singing Pedagogy in the Digital Era.

The visual feedback displays in Sing & See™ provide the singer and singing teacher with information about the singing voice, including its pitch, loudness, and frequency content. These displays can be used as a tool within the lesson, and also to assist in practice sessions.

This guide provides information on getting started with Sing & See, a description of the various displays and how to interpret them, instructions on operating Sing & See, and some advice on troubleshooting. Further information is available on our website www.singandsee.com.