Problem with pitch line dropping really low

There’s a problem with the pitch line – it keeps dropping down to some really low note. The line is really jagged.

I’m getting an inaudible tone that is running along on the F2 line. It was intermittent, but now seems to be constant. It pulls the curser, or red circle and tracking line down, especially in any pause in the singing.

Sing & See if you’re tone deaf?

Question: How does Sing & See help if you’re tone deaf?

Name: arian

Upgraded my computer and need to reinstall

Hello, my computer crashed so i had to reinstall windows and all programs. How do I get Sing & See again?

Didn’t receive email with download

I bought Sing & See online but didn’t receive anything. Where is it??

Mac Version – font problem

When I start up Sing and See on my Mac all I see where there should be ASCII characters are small squares and rectangles. This is also true where the notes are displayed.

What’s up? I’m running MAC 10.6.8 operating system.

Sing & See Version 1.4.9